This is Benjamin Caumeil
Benjamin Caumeil

As a doctor of psychology, Ben joined the French Institute of Sports (INSEP) in 2020, working on psychological outcomes to returning to sport after suffering an injury. In December of 2021 he founded timeNough Europe Inc. with best friend Arnaud M. Lagardère, convinced of the dramatic impact enterprise softwares could have on employees' anxiety, mental health, enjoyment and gratification.

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This is Arnaud M. Lagardère
Arnaud M. Lagardère

As a self-taught frontend programmer, Arnaud founded timeNough Europe Inc. in December of 2021 with his best friend Benjamin Caumeil. Veteran of 11 years in IT systems and as much experience using enterprise software, he discovered where these products failed on usability and comfort for users. He started to develop his own human-centric solution in 2016, for now selling it to corporations.

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