An active presence on four mainstream social networks

It is imperative that our messages, statements, points of view, publications and the general editorial policy of the project be echoed, relayed and diffused as widely and quickly as possible. This is where Facebook and Instagram come into play, followed by Linkedin, the largest professional network with millions of daily users, and Twitter, of course.

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Europe then Luxembourg for the legal framework

While France is the common denominator of the three founders of timeNough and French is the language of all their exchanges, it is Luxembourg that will provide the legal structure…

Los Angeles, California, United States chosen for a second legal entity

Even though the company's first legal structure was logically established in Luxembourg for European operations, its founders met their first prospects and clients in the United…

The role played by TMNGH to revive EnLawded, an Adidas 2013 collector blog

The role played by TMNGH to revive EnLawded, an Adidas 2013 collector blog

Throughout this new article, I will discuss the recent partnership that the guys from timeNough have established with a lifestyle and clothing blog called EnLawded.

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There are currently 3 ways you can stay in touch with us

In line with most websites, you'll find a page dedicated to direct communication, along with a contact form, subscription form for the newsletter, and, if you want to be paid for…

Three people from France will make up the team

Taking our cue from Arnaud, an experienced web and mobile app developer whose idea for timeNough was born at the end of 2021. He was born in 1988 in Dakar, Senegal, grew up in…