With this video two in a series of fourteen, you’ll learn how 12 characters prepared for the experiment will promote a better understanding of our BtoB project, and product: timeNough. Employees of CoreNough LLC and the company itself don’t exist in the real world. Their personas exist in an imagined world. This could be you, this could be your coworkers.

In the end, we will offer 12 custom demo interfaces, each of which will demonstrate a different aspect of our software MVP. For the beginning, there will only be two fictional employees: Lara Bowen, acting as Chief Marketing Officer of CoreNough, and John Doeson, acting as Product Owner. With timeNough, two mailbox interfaces have been created so that you can access the email of two sample employees in a similar way as they would, including sending and receiving email like they do.

This experiment aims to test something related to mailbox, that acts as the main interface, so you don’t have to log into another dashboard to make use of it.
The lady in the video

To use timeNough’s first MVP version, you need a functioning email account, because everything is based on emails. In order to be sure you are staying within your own mailbox interface, it is recommended you use your own email address by following the whitelisting process. In minute 2, the mentioned page explains how you can become whitelisted and have your email address trusted by our system.

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