This post will focus on the topic of sales. I will not discuss the B2B recruiting process in online platforms as Arnaud did in his previous article. Let me tell you about the next step in the process of recruiting testers for our enterprise software prototype: converting them into potential paying customers.

Our experience with User Interviews, and SurveySwap has led us to develop a new approach that needs to be revealed: deal-related incentives to be negotiated in one to one. Everybody knows that in B2B sales, where the buyer of the software is not you, but your employer, things take longer. Internal processes, meetings over meetings, due diligence, audits or compliance reviews can take between six months and two years to fully integrate a solution.

When dealing with a new provider, there can be a lot of paperwork and rules imposed by the procurement department, such as the requirement to submit an RFP or RFQ, as well as to go through a specific platform involving one or more specific managers.

Diverse women startupper making presentation for investors using flip chart illustrating here B2B Sales

It is very critical to have an employee inside, a key contact within the organization who will act as the ambassador, a business provider who will test the product first. Whether you work for a company or an institution, you can make an impact or connect us with the right people, pushing the right buttons.

If this employee is convinced about a tested solution, and prior to his testing he was told that it was specifically for Business to Business, he could see it being used internally by himself at work and by his colleagues, or colleagues from another department. There’s no time wasted.

It’s sales innovation

This individual (or you) deserves to be truly rewarded for his efforts, but platforms like or User Interviews do not provide such a thing; instead, they offer fixed incentives, $150 to $300 on average, requiring you to combine and chain the projects in order to maximize your gains. Each time, you involvement is more or less limited, as well as your personal interest…

A new paradigm in which your incentive will depend on the success of the sales process involving you is by definition more attractive. Certainly, the effort and time you will devote to the project should be calculated in advance. How can you refuse a huge personal gain, rewards, and even promotion if you can provide a game changer solution for a minimal amount of effort?

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One Practical Example

A deal-related incentive involves a final signature, and a share of the deal will be awarded back as a thank you. As an example, if your company bought 100 timeNough licenses for $45 each, and you agreed with us to take 12.5%, that’s $562.5 back to you each month… That’s way more interesting, right? We charge your company, and you get a cut of the revenue agreed upon in advance.

The deal between you and us should not interfere with any clause in your legal contract that binds you to your company. By providing us with a new business opportunity, we do not want you to be fired, rather we want you to be graciously commended.

Confident businessman executive talk to employees during corporate briefing illustrating here B2B Sales

Call to action if you are interested in these deal-related incentives, and for the same invitation but through SurveySwap. Thank you for reading, if you have a similar approach, experience or sales strategy, please share it with us in the comments section below.

Arnaud and I are not professional salespeople, so before we could recruit someone of that profile, we had to learn everything ourselves and try many different approaches before achieving success, before tangible results.