timeNough MVP: Testing Part 1/8 – The Time Logger bot

This episode discuss about the first component of timeNough enterprise software: the Time Logger. The main entry door…

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timeNough MVP: Episode III – Driven by email subaddressing

This episode discuss about Internet Email Subaddressing, a common technique that has inspired the solution, invented…

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Documentation and introduction to our first MVP testing

The MVP of timeNough is now available after 1 month of development, this documentation should be followed for…

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How to pilot a hidden bot through Cc

Lara Bowen's mailbox provides an opportunity to demonstrate this: you click on Send after selecting one of timeNough's…

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Non Disclosure Agreement

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A discipline called Business Process Management

In contrast to BPM, a BPMS is a suite of tools designed to help BPM professionals accomplish their goals. It is also…

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Asset Tracking: what you may have to know

Asset tracking refers to the method of tracking physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the…

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Return and Refund Policy

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